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Are you ready to propose and you have no idea which kind of engagement ring to choose for your significant other? Do not panic! Here is the ultimate guide for the different shapes and designs of diamond rings and the perfect tips to choose the most suitable for your beloved future wife!


For starters, let’s take a snap view at the whole meaning of the engagement ring. The engagement ring is an adornment that your loved one will hold close to her heart for the rest of your lives, so it’s important you choose one that both of you can admire forever.


Take a peek at the handy diagram below to scout all the engagement ring shapes available.


Now let’s clear it down.


There are 9 basic diamond cut shapes.

  1. The Round cut

Symbolism: With no beginning nor end, the round diamond symbolizes eternity, completion, wholeness and harmony.


Info: The round brilliant cut, known as the “RBC” is the most popular diamond shape and cut because it has been carefully engineered over centuries to produce maximum brilliance, fire and sparkle, which is what everyone loves about diamonds.


Style Guide:  The round brilliant is for those with classic taste that love elegance, simplicity and traditional all in one. American Vogue said it best: “This cut is for someone who is drawn to a classic and timeless style. A round brilliant is perfect for someone who wants a traditional look that will last through the ages…”


  1. The Heart Cut

Symbolism: The heart cut symbolizes the eternal love, romance, affection and commitment. Wear your love loud and proud.


Info: Heart-shaped diamonds are relatively uncommon as the heart shape works best for larger diamonds – those that are at least one-half carat in size.


Style Guide: Women who prefer this shape tend to look at the world through a rose-colored lens. They are romantic, sentimental and may be somewhat emotional but they are loyal and value the little things in life.


  1. The Princess Cut

Symbolism: The Princess cut symbolizes honesty, courage, trust and unconditional love.


Info: The princess cut is usually square with pointed corners (sometimes rectangular), and features intricate facets that are modified from the standard round brilliant. The princess cut is the second most popular shape and style of diamonds purchased.


Style Guide: This stone shape is for the woman who is drawn to the excitement and a true romantic at heart because the princess stone shape is known to manifest beauty, style, and a flirty and spontaneous personality. Truly the “hopeless romantic” of all shapes.


  1. The Oval Cut

Symbolism: Ovals symbolize kindness, femininity and eternity.


Info: The oval brilliant has a similar fire and brilliance to round brilliant, and their elongated shape can have a lengthening effect if worn on the finger.


Style Guide: The choice of the oval shape suggests creativity and individuality, with a nod to the traditional. Ovals are for those that want to stand out.


  1. The Cushion Cut

Symbolism: The cushion cut symbolizes romance, kindness, sophistication and tradition.


Info: The cushion cut does a lovely job bridging the gap between rounded and square shapes. With rounded corners and softly curved sides, the cushion can be rectangular or square, and is a soft, classic shape.


Style Guide: The person has a vintage flair and appreciates tradition and timelessness.


  1. The Pear cut

Symbolism: The pear shape symbolizes “tears of joy”, unity, originality and balance.


Info: The pear shape is one of the few diamond shapes that presents a unique asymmetrical design. Of the fancy shape diamonds, it is one of the least common cuts for engagement rings so it does appeal to those who are truly original.


Style Guide: Personalities that want to have something different gravitate toward the pear shape, and suit people that are adventurous and vibrant.


  1. The Marquise Cut

Symbolism: The Marquise cut symbolizes eternal romance and aristocracy.


Info: The marquise shape is an elongated oval with pointed ends and is sometimes referred to as boat shaped. The elongated shape maximizes the carat weight of the diamond and creates the illusion of a larger diamond.


Style Guide: This stone shape is for the woman who is creative, edgy, theatrical and not afraid to break the rules.


  1. The Emerald Cut

Symbolism: The Emerald symbolizes safety, trust, strength, and assurance.


Info: The emerald cut maximizes the brilliance of a diamond. Emerald cuts are step cut, with their long facets and layered corners that subtly resemble a hall of mirrors


Style Guide: Those that prefer the emerald may tend to be straightforward, strong, and quietly confident.


  1. The Radiant Cut

Symbolism: The rectangular cut of the stone, represents stability and solidity


Info: The radiant cut diamond is a beautifully symmetrical, non-traditional cut, that combines the brilliance of a round and the purity of an emerald cut. They are available in both emerald and square shape. The difference simply comes down to their length to width ratio.


Style Guide: The shape is preferred by a woman who is not likely to shrink from the spotlight. She is trendy, modern, glamorous, spontaneous and fun. She is confident and not afraid of risks and brings a sense of excitement to nearly everything she does.


Now that we clarified the different diamond cut shapes, let’s move forward to the different styles.


There are 5 basic different styles.

  1. Solitaire: Since this style only features one stone at center stage, it’s the simplest design you can opt for.
  2. Halo: With a ring of accents surrounding the center stone, it will feature an abundance of sparkle. The stones can cover also the band of the ring.
  3. Three Stone: Whether it features colored side stones for a pop of hue, or elongated stone shapes like Marquise or Emerald, this polished style will catch everyone’s eye.
  4. Accented: Since there are so many different variations of accented rings, each one will look different. The common setting of accent stones is prong-set, but you can also opt for channel, pave, bezel, and many other styles.
  5. Vintage: They feature dainty metalwork and a unique prong setting that adds extra details. It’s important to choose a stone that is durable enough for a lifetime and longer so it can be turned into a family heirloom piece if you choose to do so.


My personal choice? The Radiant Cut in emerald shape and Halo Style, covering all the ring. Good luck with yours!

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