My Name IsChristie Pouliasi

Prior to founding Christie Pouliasi Events in 2020, Christie had been Director of Marketing and Event Designer in some of the biggest brands in the hospitality and fashion business, curating festive occasions, parties and leadership events across the country. She received her MBA from the Athens School of Economics, while taking additional courses in fashion and interior design. A short period after, she found her way to the world of events, where her organizational skills and knowledge of brand strategy harmoniously matched her style savviness and innovative spirit.

Christie has been passionate about creativity ever since childhood. The prospect of bringing the unimaginable to life and transforming her surroundings into images has always been her number one dream, a dream inspired by books and fairytales. As she grew older, the dream evolved into reality in the form of themed occasions, ranging from family gatherings to friends’ parties. Adulthood along with the completion of her studies led her into the business world, which gave her the ideal opportunity to turn her passion into a literal dream job.

A cosmopolitan person who feels that wandering the streets is the best way to immerse yourself in culture. When not busy you will find her travelling to far away destinations, blending with the locals and exploring different cultures, aesthetics and styles that drive her inspiration.

“Wanderlust, cosmopolitanism and an insatiable need for exploration. Travelling around without limitations and immersing oneself in various states of living and thinking is the only way to discover the world’s most extraordinary corners and reach one’s full potential.

It’s so rewarding to create something that touches someone’s soul.”

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